Welcome to the World Logistics Alliance (WLA)

This Network is all about its members.

Our vision is “to build a strong WLA Community/family, which will result in becoming the best worldwide freight forwarding network, providing the most benefits to its members”.

One WLA network that you will be proud and excited to be part of.



WLA Network is one of the safest Networks in the world !

Becoming a member of World Logistics Alliance (WLA) makes good business sense. Being a member will allow you to have global exposure, greater market awareness and coverage without having to expand your business.

WLA as a network will leverage the dedication and commitment from its members, as being independent freight forwarders, in ways the big multinationals will never match.

The resources, supported by our proactive network support will allow the independent freight forwarder to exceed their customer expectations while keeping the character and qualities of being an independent freight forwarder.

You will have the opportunity through our relationship building activities to get to know other freight forwarders across many cities and countries, and partnering with them in satisfying your clients or their clients’ needs.

We are about linking people, building trusting relationships and providing opportunities for your business growth. We are committed to ensuring partnering success and being the freight forwarding network of choice!