Increase your profits earned for each shipment with integrated worldwide product sourcing

What is Buytasker?

Buytasker is a cloud based supply management platform that transforms freight and logistics companies into a turn key solutions provider capable of supply chain service from any origin to any destination worldwide. Your customer will be able to control their entire supply chain via your own company branded platform from any device.

Product Sourcing & Design
Factory Auditing
Quality control
Packing & Labeling
Shipping (linked to your business only)
Track & Trace

Increase profits and customer loyalty by adding value.

Buytasker enables your business to offer a global product sourcing service to your customers with no complex integration required, easy to get started.

Turnkey product sourcing and supply chain management software that empowers freight and logistics companies to produce additional revenue streams that have previously been unattainable.

Offer existing and new customers the ability to source quality controlled products from any supplier worldwide. Compete and quote for existing products that your customers are currently buying and shipping with you.

Help your customer overcome business challenges

Importers, Exporters, wholesalers, Retailers and Ecommerce sellers care about three things.

  1. Quality of product
  2. Landed Price
  3. Speed to market

What does this mean for my business?

  • 100% customer loyalty
  • Increase profit per shipment upwards of 100%
  • Decrease operational time
  • Transaction Security

When customers use your Buytasker account to source product, all freight is automatically
mapped to your company and you’re awarded a percentage of the trade profit margin.

  • Profit – Generate profit from your customer’s cargo not just the freight
  • Loyalty – Supply is mapped to your freight service securing future shipments and removing customers need to scrutinise your rates.
  • Time – Operations are managed by Buytasker customer service.

Offer your services to your customers on any device

Customers connect to you using any mobile device, using Buytasker your customers can now request quotations for logistics and any additional services you offer. All requests are easily accessible and manageable using your Buytasker supplier login to view, quote, bill and fulfill.
Your customers can easily request quotes and book and pay for your services such as:

Warehouse and Storage
Air Freight
Sea Freight
Quarantine and Customs inspections
Packing & Unpacking
Factory Audit
Product Quality Inspection
Break Bulk / Project Cargo
Vessel Chartering
Aircraft Chartering
Product Design / Prototyping
Personal Effects / Relocation

Create powerful customer loyalty

When customers source and buy products using your Buytasker website, all freight is automatically assigned to your company and you’re awarded a percentage of the trade profit margin.

Offer more with less effort

Buytasker will perform all operational work for you and your customers when product sourcing, quality checking goods and buying products from anywhere and any supplier worldwide.

Transform your business within 24 hours.

Register below and Buytasker will be imbedded into your website ready for your customers to use within 24 hours. No technical knowledge required.


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