Forwarders Debt Recovery Services Ltd.

Recovery Services provides collection services specifically to the global logistics industry. The services offered are limited to those activities between cargo intermediaries -domestic & international freight forwarders, truckers, airlines, steamship lines, customs brokers, household & relocation companies. NVOCCs, breakbulk agents. We do not include the collection of commercial debts in our services.

The Encyclopedia Britannica states that “delinquency implies conduct that does not conform to the legal or moral standards of society”.

The nearest estimate is that over US$ 150,000,000 per year is lost as a result f cargo intermediaries failing to pay the debts
between themselves. Our goal is to ensure that payment of invoices between domestic and international cargo handlers are settled and invoices are paid to industry standards.

We believe Forwardersdebtrecoveryservices.com can help to rectify this situation by bringing these elinquent companies Into the light.  With your. ssistance, it is our vision to eliminate delinquent.
orwarders from the cargo transportation industry. Forwardersdebtrecoveryservices.corn do not hold on to your monies like traditional collection agencies – all recoveries are remitted directly to the customer minus our collection fee of 15%.

  1. We understand the logistics industry and ask for all proper documentation at once not email after email
  2. Once the debt is assigned to us we send an immediate email and follow it up with a phone call.
  3. We report regularly to you about our efforts and what is taking place.
  4. We have access to more than 2700 international forwarders located in more than 150 countries that can give us guidance on local laws and best method of collection.
  5. We have a worldwide network of collection attorneys that we can call on when needed.
  6. We know well how to collect monies from forwarders and we use every legal means possible to get your money.
  7. No recovery — no charge.
  8. Fixed 15% recovery fee

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services also provides a list of delinquent forwarders on its websita

It is forwarders debt recovery services goal to stop delinquent companies from Creating obstaclei in the transport industry. It is our goal to collect the monies owed by companies and to identify truely delinquent companies. FORS has thus set up a black list of delinquent forwarders – where FORS lists all companies that have debt outstanding under their name, this list is availab on our website or at the request of any interested party,For more information pleaset,

www.fdrs-ltd.com or email peter@fdrs-ltd.com ; penny@fdrs-ltd.com