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Why should YOU choose WLA Network: A Safe, Secure + Trusted Network

We’ll be showcasing some customer case studies very soon, so you can see what our current community has to say about us! SO stay tuned.
We are managed by a team that works from Europe vs. Asia and we are well known as one of the safest networks in the world of logistics.
Over the last 9 years WLA has consistently provided valuable services to its growing member community.
We’ll be showcasing some customer case studies very soon, so you can see what our current community has to say about us! SO stay tuned
Our members can testify that we offer:
>> Value for money
>> Great member benefits
>> Increased networking opportunities (Annual WLA Conference)
>> Good response times to emails + enquiries
>> Payment protection + rewards + incentives
>> Access to a network of potential partners that can offer you new business
>> Advice and guidance on the best ways to use the network to connect, communicate + create conversations with the members of the community.
Our CEO Tom is happy to share some top tips, advice + guidance on how to maximize the financial potential of your membership.
To get in touch with Tom email:
Staying in touch with the WLA Team!

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wlanetwork       +346 47 813

WLA Benefits: Airfreight Cashback + Incentives

As one of the few networks that successfully gives back to its members. We are very proud of our ongoing partnership with Etihad Airways.
Reaping the WLA Rewards
Our partnership allows YOU to redeem 2 per cent cash back on your annual airfreight cargo spend when choosing Eithad Airways to
move cargo.
How does it work?
The cash back can be redeemed in cash at the end of the year.  And free flights up to the value $900, flying economy class available are also up for grabs.
So what have you got to lose! Good luck!
etihad                               money

WLA Annual Conference 2017: Book Your Tickets

The WLA Annual Conference provides you with the chance to network + build links for future work with partners across the globe.
Our current members look forward to this event every year as it provides the perfect opportunity to meet potential partners + take part in fun team building activities and social evening networking events in our chosen location.
This year’s three-day event will be hosted in Cebu, Philippines from the 23-25 October 2017.
How can I book my place at the WLA Annual conference?
Click here to Register.
Alternatively you can email to allow a member of our team to process the booking of your conference ticket for you.
The website will also provide further details on the hotel, the agenda and guest speaker profiles. If you’d like to check out existing pictures from previous conferences, you can visit the conference gallery page on our website.
Got a question?
Drop us a line using: or send a message to us via our WhatsApp +34 647 813 465.
Why should I attend the conference?
You’ll be amazed at how fun and informative our annual meeting is. This event is more than just your average Annual Conference.
It’s a chance to meet + interact with business connections and forge friendships. That will enhance will result in new business coming your way!
What’s not to love about that! If you have any comments or questions about the event, feel free to get in touch!
Note: click the get in touch blue text above to automatically send the WLA Team an email 🙂

Creating Conversation: WLA Live on Social Media

Keep your eyes peeled as we start to become more active on Facebook and LinkedIn.
We’ll be showcasing up to the minute news updates, member offers + good news stories from across our growing community.
If you’d like to receive a copy of our free weekly e-mail bulletin to find out more about we do.
Send an email with the subject line: Yes, I’d like the latest WLA News to:
We look forward to hearing from YOU!

NVOCC: Handeling Agent News Update

We are always looking to give our members value for money!
So we are looking to add more handling agencies to our existing list of handling agents very soon. So stay tuned for an update on this very soon!
As a member of our network you have access to NVOCC contracts to move cargo between Asia, Europe + the USA.

Tell Us What You Think

We are really keen to listen to your views. So if you have a burning question about joining our network.
Please reach out to us via email: admin:, WhatsApp +34 647 813 465 or Skype wlanetwork
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Our WLA team or CEO Tom, will be happy to respond to your comments or questions.
WLA Membership: The membership fee (including payment protection) is 1250 USD per year. 
If you’d like additional information from us, please hit REPLY + send us an email. 
We’ll be more than happy to help you!
Wishing You a Positive + Productive Week Ahead!
 Best regards,
 The WLATeam
Linking People, Building Trust + Connecting the World
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*WLA membership only is 750 USD per year.