WLA Network is one of the safest Networks in the world, if not the one !

WLA is more like a family that welcomes its new members and the results really show!

We are very safe, and very involved with our members, always in touch, and always, if there is a problem (although they do not usually happen), we try to help solve it.

Becoming a member of World Logistics Alliance (WLA) makes good business sense. Being a member will allow you to have global exposure ,greater market awareness and coverage without having to expand your business.

WLA as a network will leverage the dedication and commitment from its members ,as being independent freight forwarders, in ways the big multinationals will never match.

The resources, supported by our proactive network support will allow the independent freight forwarder to exceed their customer expectations while keeping the character and qualities of being an independent freight forwarder.

You will have the opportunity through our relationship building activities to get to know other freight forwarders across many cities and countries, and partnering with them in satisfying your clients or their clients’ needs.

We are about linking people, building trusting relationships and providing opportunities for your business growth. We are committed to ensuring partnering success and being the freight forwarding network of choice!

Being part of the WLA community, which has been successful for many years, means:

  • You can focus on building your client relationships and we will support you in the building of global partnerships.
  • You have access to significant knowledge and services through WLA and its members.
  • You have the potential for business growth with limited expenditure.
  • You can feel more protected when doing business with other freight forwarders.
  • You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with people that understand your business.
  • You can be part of a network prepared to grow with you.

We are committed to facilitating a network of members that work together in a professional manner.

The WLA team is experienced when it comes to building business relationships. We are passionate about what the network community can potentially provide for its members. We will be asking you, our members, about what you want from a network and expanding on these ideas with many of our own.

We are planning annually WLA’s very successful conference for its members in early October every year. We will deliver what you expect from a networking conference, plus offer you a few differences. Many successful conferences have passed with lots of fun and bonding relationships created.

We have created a well informed and mutually beneficial freight forwarding community. We work towards ensuring that our members work together with integrity. This also means having in place a screening process of prospective members, having members sign a code of conduct, and monitoring members’ activities with each other.


Our innovative tiered membership program.

WLA is a non-exclusive freight forwarders’ network. This means you have a better chance of finding the right fit when partnering.

WLA has also developed an innovative tiered membership program that recognises the diversity of experience in the industry:

  • Green Star membership for members with less than 12 months in business. (No Payment protection applies for Green Star Members)
  • Green membership for members with more then 12 month and less than 24 months in business. (No Payment protection applies for Green Members)
  • Gold membership for those that have been trading for 24 or more months as a freight forwarding business.
  • Platinum membership is for those that keep up their membership with WLA for 3 years from the date of becoming a gold member.
  • Black membership is extended to those that keep up their membership for 5 years from the date of becoming a platinum member.

We are in this for the long term. We want to grow with you. Our relationship with you is as important as the relationships that we want to create between members of WLA. We will be continually checking that we are providing the right mix and level of services and that our members are working together in a professional way. We aim to create a freight forwarding community that you can be proud of.

[Our Green and Green Star membership]

If you have been trading for less than 24 months in the industry you are invited to join the network as a green member.

Your start up green membership annual fee is USD $ 1250 plus additional $25 for bank charge. This includes a yearly payment protection.

The special screening fee for the first business year is USD $250, which covers the extra monitoring and support that will be provided .

After the first year of green membership or being in business the second year the special screening fee is reduced by USD $125. You then become a green star member. After being a green star member for 12 months you are eligible to become a gold member.

[Our Gold membership]

Gold membership is for all members with more than 24 months in business. At this gold level you have full benefits.

The annual gold membership is USD $1250 plus additional $25 for bank charge. This includes a yearly payment protection.

[Platinum membership]

After 3 years at the gold level you will be invited to join the platinum group of members.

The annual Platinum membership is USD $1250 plus additional $25 for bank charge. This includes a yearly payment protection.

[Black membership]

After 5 years at the platinum level you are invited to join the black group of members, which gives you 10% discount on gold membership annual fees.

As we grow as a network, more benefits may be added.

If you would like to increase your Payment protection coverage to 50,000 USD, you may do so for the yearly fee of 750 USD.”

The Payment Protection does not protect against any green or green star members , therefore you should be careful with your credit exposure with the green members .

We will work towards increasing the level of protection level as the network becomes stronger.

Our green and green star members have full protection when trading with gold, platinum or black members. This will encourage these members to work with the more experienced members of the network and support the building of alliances.

Referrals resulting in the signing up of a new paying member to WLA ,will be rewarded as a cash payment of 125.00 USD .

In some exceptional cases we allow members to join for 750 USD. This EXCLUDES yearly payment protection.

A responsive and comprehensive package of products and services for our members

As a Green, Green Plus, Gold, Platinum or Black member you will receive the following as part of your annual membership fee:

  • Access to a global network of potential partners of small and medium sized freight forwarders with whom you can do business.
  • Payment Protection for financial loss as a result of non-payment for services between members, when a member goes bankrupt or is insolvent. (This level of protection is not offered by most other networks).
  • Credit insurance for jobs and or projects with non-members of our network.
  • Access to reduced insurance rates for freight service and liability insurance, marine/cargo insurance.
  • Access to online Marine Insurance Packages. Which means you could potentially have cover within an hour of requiring this type of insurance. (This is a BENEFIT NOT OFFERED by other networks).
  • Invitations to exclusive conferences for members, where you will network with colleagues from around the world, showcase your business and be updated with new information about what is happening in the industry. Also not to forget bonding exercises and lots of fun and prizes.
  • Best sea freight rates available on many routes through our partners…soon best airfreight rates available though one of our partners Air Freighter service throughout Asia …then Oceania and Europe…
  • Responsiveness to your individual needs as well as those of the network community. We will be developing over time various ways to ensure that we keep abreast of your networking needs.
  • As a start we will be putting in place quarterly surveys to understand better your needs in being part of a network as well as an opportunity to get feedback on individual partnering performances. We hope to acknowledge exceptional partnering at our conferences and through other activities.

Regular communications (web information, Facebook, news banner, emails) to keep you updated, as well as links to other useful newsletters and publications. You, as a WLA member van advertise also on the above.