WLA Products / Services



As a green, green plus, gold, platinum or black member you will receive the following products as part of your annual membership fee:

  • WLA’s Payment Protection (available for an extra fee) protects our members from financial loss as a result of non-payment for services between members, when a member goes bankrupt or is insolvent. Whilst we will do our utmost to ensure that our members work together in a professional manner, at times businesses do falter. Payment protection will vary depending on where you fit in terms of membership tier.
  • Reduced insurance rates for freight service and liability insurance and/or marine/cargo insurance.
  • Online Marine Insurance Packages – You can have marine insurance cover within an hour of requiring this type of insurance.
  • Credit insurance for jobs and or projects with non-members of our network.
  • Low Sea freight rates and soon Airfreight rates through our partners on selected routes .
  • Amazing price U$D 1499 for web design and support for your website …..
  • International collection service …
  • WLA is negotiating a deal with a bank to reduce bank transfers and exchange rate losses .
  • Purchasing and quality control for Chinese freight forwarders. We are currently negotiating a program to assist purchasing and quality control in China. We will keep you updated about the launch of this program.
  • We are currently developing a package of network software and web design support to offer you in the near future, 24/7


As a green, green plus, gold, platinum or black member you will receive the following services as part of your annual membership fee:

  • Exclusive conferences for members

This is your opportunity to network with colleagues from around the world, showcase your business and be updated with new information about what is happening in the industry.

For green members our conferences will offer you a wonderful opportunity to raise your profile amongst established businesses. For more established businesses (gold, platinum or black members), conferences offer you an opportunity to expand your services further, by making links with members outside of your usual operations.

We aim to provide opportunities for a one on one discussion between members, as well as opportunities for group forums and discussions.

  • Access to a global network of professional small and medium sized freight forwarders with whom you can do business

We are committed to ensuring that all our members understand their role and responsibilities of being a WLA member. We are committed to putting in place screening and feedback mechanisms to ensure we have a strong and professional membership base. We will also be providing and facilitating networking opportunities to encourage relationship building between members.

Mediate between members and assist in Payment issues …….

  • Creating dialogue within the WLA community

WLA is committed to ensuring we provide a suite of communications that ensures that you keep up to date with what is going on in the industry as well as across the WLA network as well other networks.

We will be offering you regular communications (web information, Facebook, news banner, email updates) to keep you informed.

We also want to hear from you so that we can be responsive to your needs as individual businesses belonging to a network. We will be developing, over time, various ways to ensure that we keep abreast of your networking needs.

As a start we will be putting in place quarterly surveys to understand better your needs in being part of a network as well as an opportunity to get feedback on individual partnering performances. We hope to acknowledge exceptional partnering at our conferences and through other activities.

WLA will also offer its members a WLA Club Facebook, so you can discuss issues with the WLA community, post ideas or ask questions from other network members that you think could be useful to the whole WLA community.


As a green, green plus, gold, platinum or black member you will receive the following tools as part of your annual membership fee:

  • Access to range of useful tools to assist in your global operations

WLA has created a link with a range of tools that some of you have told us that you need to access regularly when doing business. As the network grows we will continue to add to these tools so that this website becomes a one stop shop for your operational needs when doing business globally.

Here are some additional links that you will find useful: